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               FUNDING Guidelines and Application

                        Sag Harbor Booster Foundation

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                               Funding Guidelines

 The Sag Harbor Booster Foundation makes funding available for  organizations (clubs, teams, etc.) dedicated to supporting and promoting activities, events and programs for the benefit of the students of the Sag Harbor School District and community.  All funding requests must meet the guidelines established by the SHBF.  Attached you will find a copy of the Application for the Funding Program.

The SHBF is not intending to replace or circumvent the School Administration or their responsibility to fund basic school activities.

The SHBF does not typically fund the following:

Ø  Transportation (busing) to or from field trips, sporting events, etc.

Ø  Uniforms / Equipment

Ø  Individuals (with exception of the scholarships awarded to a graduating male/female senior)

Ø  Salaries

Funding requests will be reviewed by the SHBF board members during the following months:

Ø   September 1st -  Fall Season

Ø   November 1st -  Winter Season

Ø   February 1 -  Spring Season

Ø   May 1st -  Summer Season

Ø   Steps to follow when applying for funding:

1.      Submit completed application for funding.  See attached.

2.     Contact SHBF funding committee representative (listed below) to have your request placed on the agenda for the next funding approval meeting.  SHBF meetings take place the 3rd Monday of each month.

3.    We may ask you to attend the SHBF meeting to present your proposal.  Presentations consist of a five  minute overview of your proposal as well as a question/answer session by the SHBF members.

ELIGIBILITY:  Any Coach, Advisor or Leader of any group and/or team in the Sag Harbor School District who participates in any activity, event or program is eligible to apply for the Funding Program.

HOW TO APPLY:  To qualify for the funding program, a request form / application must be completed.  All requests must be submitted in writing and include, in concise form, the following information:

1.      Amount of request.

2.      Description and purpose of request (who will benefit from the request)

3.      Statement regarding team member benefits if request is approved.

4.      Intentions of the students to participate in fundraising to cost-share, if applicable.

The request form will be reviewed for appropriateness and relativity.  The SHBF will respond promptly to all appropriately submitted requests.

APPLICATION:   Go to the SHBF website for additional information, and to download necessary applications / forms or contact a funding committee member.

FUND AVAILABILITY: The SHBF maintains a minimum balance in a general fund.  Amounts greater than the minimum balance maybe available for distribution four times a year.  The maximum distribution per applicant is $500.  SHBF will grant one request per applicant, per year.

SHBF Funding Committee

                                                       Our Mission

The Sag Harbor Booster Foundation is a parent and community based registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting and promoting activities, events and programs for the benefit of the students of the Sag Harbor School District and Community.



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